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Kristi gives a dynamic interview and is a sought after faith-based motivational speaker in various arenas. She has a remarkable ability to encourage and equip people to victory through analogies from her life experiences and her faith. She has been featured on national outlets such as CBN’s The 700 Club, TBN’s More than Conquerors, and Kenneth Copeland’s Victory Magazine. Her water ski career has been highlighted on ESPN, ABC’s Wide World of Sports, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, Water Ski Magazine, among others.

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Kristi’s captivating and authentic message will take your audience from laughter to tears as she reveals her struggles and triumphs as a professional athlete, mother, wife, and ministry leader. Regardless of age or gender, her motivation, gift of storytelling, and practical application of her life experiences and God’s Word will challenge any audience to experience a life of victory.

Kristi’s story of victory resonates with a variety of audiences. From church pulpits to prisons yards, corporations to schools, Kristi has a remarkable ability to connect with her audience, Her presentations not only inspire but equip her listeners for victory. Kristi is available to speak to the following audiences.

Speaking Topics:


As the winner of over eighty professional titles and the world record holder in women’s water skiing for eighteen years, Kristi knows how to have victory in the roughest conditions and against the toughest competitors. Let Kristi’s insight encourage and equip your organization to:

• Perform under pressure

• Surpass the competition

• Turn failures into success

• Prevent stagnation

• Experience victory in turbulent conditions

• Overcome obstacles

• Stay focused

• Use passions and resources to change the world

Faith-Based Organizations

For decades, Kristi stepped off a water ski dock and said “hit it” to a boat driver. Yet for many years, she remained comfortably settled on a spiritual dock where she refused to say “hit it” to God, the only Power Source that would never fail her. When she finally stepped out of her comfortable place, Kristi traded temporal worldly victories for the true eternal victories that a relationship with God provides. Kristi’s testimony of God’s faithfulness in her life will encourage and equip your congregation to:

• Connect to God, the ultimate Power Source

• Step off spiritual docks and say “hit it!” to God

• Identify alternative power sources

• Overcome defeat and disappointments

• Navigate obstacles

• Understand identity and worth

• Move past perfectionism and people-pleasing

• Identify and ignite God-given passions

• Make waves for God

Prisons/Rehab Institutions

In her thirty-five-year career, Kristi fell every day. Yet in the midst of her falls, she became one of the most decorated women water skiers of all times. Through her experiences on the water and in life, Kristi learned the valuable truth that falls don’t prevent victory. Instead, it’s how one responds to the fall that determines the outcome. As a water skier, Kristi learned the value of being committed to saying “hit it!” to the power source and learning from her mistakes. Kristi takes her life lessons and combines them with her faith to bring a powerful message entitled, “Hit it!” to inmates across the country. Her message of second chances inspires inmates to say “hit it!” to the Power Source that will never fail them and then equips them with the tools to experience a victorious life, even behind bars. Her message encourages and equips inmates to:

  • Comprehend the unconditional love of God

  • Move past failure and defeat

  • Discover worth and identity

  • Live a life of influence and impact

  • Cast off deadly emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, shame, and bitterness

  • Grow in their Christian faith

  • Build and restore relationships


“You are a champion!” That’s the message Kristi brings to today’s youth. As a child athlete and student, Kristi remembers well the pressures of fitting in, performing under pressure, and pleasing those around her. Through her life and athletic experiences, Kristi encourages and equips youth to:

  • Understand their worth and value

  • Discover their passions

  • Learn how to self-motivate

  • Live an authentic life

  • Move past failures to victory

  • Be mindful of others

To schedule Kristi Overton Johnson to come to your event, please call Pat Avery at (386) 212-3689 or complete this form so we will know how best to serve you.