Faith-Based Organizations

Key Points

For decades, Kristi stepped off a water ski dock and said “hit it” to a boat driver. Yet for many years, she remained comfortably settled on a spiritual dock where she refused to say “hit it” to God, the only Power Source that would never fail her. When she finally stepped out of her comfortable place, Kristi traded temporal worldly victories for the true eternal victories that a relationship with God provides. Kristi’s testimony of God’s faithfulness in her life will encourage and equip your congregation to:

• Connect to God, the ultimate Power Source

• Step off spiritual docks and say “hit it!” to God

• Identify alternative power sources

• Overcome defeat and disappointments

• Navigate obstacles

• Understand identity and worth

• Move past perfectionism and people-pleasing

• Identify and ignite God-given passions

• Make waves for God

Kristi Overton Johnson