Prisons/Rehab Institutions


In her thirty-five-year career, Kristi fell every day. Yet in the midst of her falls, she became one of the most decorated women water skiers of all times. Through her experiences on the water and in life, Kristi learned the valuable truth that falls don’t prevent victory. Instead, it’s how one responds to the fall that determines the outcome. As a water skier, Kristi learned the value of being committed to saying “hit it!” to the power source and learning from her mistakes. Kristi takes her life lessons and combines them with her faith to bring a powerful message entitled, “Hit it!” to inmates across the country. Her message of second chances inspires inmates to say “hit it!” to the Power Source that will never fail them and then equips them with the tools to experience a victorious life, even behind bars. Her message encourages and equips inmates to:

  • Comprehend the unconditional love of God

  • Move past failure and defeat

  • Discover worth and identity

  • Live a life of influence and impact

  • Cast off deadly emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, shame, and bitterness

  • Grow in their Christian faith

  • Build and restore relationship

Kristi Overton Johnson