Get + Give VL

In 2011, with a desire to share incredible stories of God’s faithfulness, and to show that God is alive and working in the lives of His children today, Kristi Overton Johnson published Victorious Living magazine. In 2013, God opened a door for Victorious Living to be distributed in the prison system. To date, over 1 million incarcerated men and women have been impacted through this magazine. 

The stories in Victorious Living Magazine provide solid proof that with God, all things are possible. He truly is the God of another chance. Sharing this good news is the mission behind every subscription. 

Every subscription purchased enables KOJM to send a copy of VL to an incarcerated person. For many, this magazine is the difference between life and death. 

VISIT VICTORIOUSLIVINGMAGAZINE.COM for more information of how you can change a life today, while finding inspiration for yourself, too!

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